Quality Drum

All materials are authentic and selected for their respectful treatment. When gathered, wood hoop, animal skins become a new unity that will reflect your everyday vibrations. Each deer skin makes each drum totally unique and customised for you. The same for the drum stick.

Higher Vibrations

Your drum is a multi-purpose tool to higher the vibrations wherever you are. For social interactions, emotions cleansing, self-centering and concentration : your drum beats will do much more that you think in today’s world.

Love Energy

Create another level of communion with others. Connect and heal with deep parts of yourself, feeling a universal wisdom from your heart to the stars. Love heals so love yourself, love others and celebrate from the heart to others heart through this specific drum !

Handmade Drum

Connect to yourself and others for a better vibration

Connect to your depth

Scientific researches prove that drum vibrations help to center for a better listening of yourself, getting insights and clarity over everyday life solicitations. It also reharmonizes your chakras and energy fields.

A shared celebration

Inside any kind of groups or during a party : suggest a circle where each people participates in improvised singing, with eco-friendly drum beats, you will all experience an all-time celebration of joy that will higher everyone’s vibrations.


Some examples of drums from 46cm to 48cm diameters

Buffalo Fur Drum Stick

buffalo drum-stick

Buffalo Drum


Deer Drum #06


Deer Drum #05


Deer New


reindeer #02


rawhide #01


wood #01


For who ?

For everyone ! Relaxation teacher, DJs and Percusionnists, for team building workshops, Energy Healers. No teaching is needed, just follow the now moment move and listen… Sing…


Each drum is an initiation.

Contact : agnusdeidrums@gmail.com